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  • Winter meeting follow up
    1. Kevin forwarding minutes to Lea
    2. There are some action items from the winter meeting
    3. Relationship between MIT-WHOI and how some students are having a hard time finding committee members on either end. Action would happen from both APO and the student body
      1. Departmental responsibility
      2. Department reps poll the students to figure out what is needed and then work from there
      3. Maybe make a list of people that have been on committees of older students and their interests
    4. Student social event between EAPS & maybe CEE? students and JP students. Poster session? Social event? Picnic? Student mixer? Give it a professional development twist? To help students know what each other do and then what their advisors do
    5. Lizzie follow up with Chrissy about mental health resources thing
    6. WHOI based REF -- Maybe Alia?
    7. Student support for writing grants apps and fellowships apps?
      1. Nathan leading this effort
    8. Lizzie will check in with Chrissy and Eesh on the diversity in the JP action item
      1. Creating more IAP courses?
      2. Maybe winter jelly talks? Or jelly style talks
      3. If it's social event style, they need to organize it themselves
      4. This is more for the next reps
      5. They can submit for OGE funds
    9. New office -- people seem to want it
      1. They cleaned it! Rachel will go today to see what got removed from the room
      2. Work with kris to be the liaison for facilities requests
  • Open House updates
    1. Student led events are organized
    2. Drivers signed up
    3. Meeting with Meg and Delia soon
    4. Look out for dietary restrictions -- department reps when planning lunches
    5. General housekeeping in the student center
  • JP Swag update
    1. Ryan isn't here. This probably isn't happening before open house.
    2. Asking for designs again.